Friday, April 16, 2010

Grinder Analyzer V2.b12 is released

There's some pretty good stuff in this one. From the release notes: Overview: New in V2.b12:
  • Grinder Analyzer is now compatible with log files generated by The Grinder 3.4
  • Much better support for scripts generated with the TCP proxy.
  • New response time graphs are included in the generated reports. These are stacked graphs showing the percentage of response time spent in different areas -- resolve host time, first byte time, etc.
  • It is now an option to define response time groups in Grinder analyzer will calculate the percentage of responses that complete within specified time ranges.
  • Fix for bug #2219789 -- In cases where multiple transactions have been assigned identical names in the grinder script, append the test number to the transaction name to ensure uniqueness and prevent graphs from overwriting each other. Thanks to Thomas Falkenberg for nudging me on this.